aboutAs a discerning homeowner who envisions your dream home on waterfront property or in an upscale neighborhood, consider Cornerstone Building, LLC.

Our Niche is Your Advantage
What clearly separates us from other exclusive builders is that we design and build high-quality, lake-front and luxury homes at very competitive prices. In a market where many builders and sellers get low appraisal prices, our homeowners receive strong resale value, and their homes appraise much higher than other area homes.

Consistently competing against Michigan’s highest-priced builders, our homes are far more competitive in the premier neighborhoods. We also honorably stand behind our warranty.

We Design and Build The Types Of Homes That People Want
At Cornerstone Building, LLC, our eye for quality, aesthetics and value bring vital attention to important details that astute homeowners appreciate. Clients often share their appreciation of our warm and polite demeanor and extensive knowledge and experience, as well as our focus on customer service.  Customers also appreciate the way we guide them through the home building process and our understanding of the many unique considerations in building a home on the water.

We are known for our expertise, accomplishments, and solid reputation. We have successfully designed and built more than 350 custom homes and sold more than 500 upscale residential lots since 1983.

Quality, Trust & Longevity
Founder/owner Tom Schroder is known for being a hands-on builder who takes a special interest in each and every home that he builds. He forms strong, trusting relationships with homeowners who appreciate his attention to detail.

Cornerstone Building, LLC’s experienced and caring management and knowledgeable suppliers and tradesman have created a strong team that has been satisfying customers for over 30 years. We provide top expertise and workmanship that bring our homeowners true quality.

Furthermore, we take far less time to deliver a custom finished home to our clients, often finishing within six months. Our quality is found in our features, accents, and curb appeal. We go over-and-above typical builders’ standards in our green efforts to save energy, money and electricity. We install high-efficiency windows, furnaces, plumbing, and insulation throughout every home that we build.

Lake Building
A favorite niche of Cornerstone Building, LLC is designing and building lake homes. Through the years, we have built custom homes on high-end lakes such as Orchard Lake, Upper Straits, Lower Straits, Walnut Lake, Commerce Lake, Cass Lake, Lake Sherwood, and a variety of lakes in Brighton, MI.

Homeowners appreciate how we guide them in designing a home that helps them make the best use of the water when entertaining and in their daily living. We provide guidance in selecting properties and lots and advising as to the building envelope size and the merits of differently-shaped lots. One of the most critical aspects of designing a waterfront home is optimizing the views in the most important rooms of the house. Count on our expertise to determine views, walkouts, garage placement, and advise on important details such as the direction of the sun, makeup of the beach, etc.

A Culture of Giving Back To the Community
Cornerstone Building, LLC gives back often to the community. The owners are active members of their church and have participated in three missions trips around the world, building homes in Guatamala, Africa, and Jamaica as well as in inner-city Detroit.