processOver the last 30 years we have carefully honed our building processes to create a seamless, premium, customer-centered experience. Our expertise is building luxury and waterfront homes for prices that provide future value, and homeowners appreciate the enjoyable and organized ways in which we do so.

The process begins as we learn about your specific home needs, including size, style, price, and specific wish list. We look at your most important desires and suggest a square-footage and features that fit within your budget parameters.

Our homeowners are comfortable and happy in knowing upfront exactly what their home will include, recognizing that they do not have to spend additional dollars unless they choose. You never will receive invoices from us for products or services that we have not agreed upon. You will move into your home in the timeframe that we promised and the value of your home should far exceed the costs.

Our First Meeting Together
In our first meeting, we will walk through a variety of lots and select one that you love. We will discuss the views from each room, determine which direction the house will face, the size of the house you desire, its elevation(s), interior features, exterior features and facades, and details about your view, trees to be saved, and landscaping. We will also clearly understand your budget.

Based on our discussions and mutual understandings, we will design a detailed floor plan and exteriors for your home. This will represent a true reflection of what you envision in a home and a budget.

Our Next Meeting Together
Our second meeting will involve reviewing your floor plan and exteriors as well as all the features in the house. These specifics are all discussed before you provide a single penny. While other builders give you generalities, we will provide you with a specific floor plan and exact price. Thus, in a very short time, you will have details and quotes for the home and lot that you desire.

By working with Cornerstone Building, LLC, you will feel heard, informed, and comfortable in moving forward. Once you are comfortable and ready to move forward, we then will develop a building agreement and discuss financing options to fit your particular circumstances and budget. Lastly, we will develop your final blueprints and start the work of building your dream home.